Training - Explosive Atmosphere

Hazardous Area Training Courses


Capeserve is providing the following Electrical Equipment in Hazardous areas courses based on IEC standards and AS/NZS standards. Refresher / Awareness / Entry Level Courses:

Potentially Explosive Gas Atmosphere – Basics

  • IECEx Related Courses (Based on IEC 60079)
  • IEC Ex01c: Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Area - Basic Principles (Ex-001)
  • IEC Ex09c: Electrical Equipment inspections in hazardous Area (Ex-007 & Ex-008)
  • IEC Ex02c: Hazardous Area Classification (Ex-002)
  • IEC Ex036c: Electrical Equipment installations in hazardous Area (Ex-003 & Ex-006)
  • IEC Ex078c: Electrical Equipment inspections in hazardous Area (Ex-007 & Ex-008)

Hazardous Area Classification & Certification - Basics ( ATEX, IEC, AS/NZS)

  • AS/NZS Related Courses (Based on AS/NZS 60079)
  • AS-NZS01c-Electrical Equipment in Explosive Atmosphere - Basics
  • AS-NZS03c-Electrical Equipment in Explosive Atmosphere - Installation & Testing
  • AS-NZS08c-Electrical Equipment in Explosive Atmosphere - Inspection & Maintenance


Capeserve is also providing custom make / tailor made courses based on client requirment, please contact us for further details.