Third party Inspection Services

Capeserve has highly skilled technical inspectors/surveyors to carryout the following third party inspection works:


Vendor Shop / Fabrication Inspection

Capeserve will supply inspectors to carryout third party or second party inspection at vendor shop/premises to ensure that the fabrication is carried out as per end user's/main contractors technical requirements, QHSE requirements and international codes and standards requirement. The vendor shop/fabricaiton inspection includes the following:

  • Pre Inspection Meeting
  • Verification of Materials including Mill Cert. Review and Material Inspection
  • Review and approve WPS/PQR and Welders Qualification
  • Welding Inspection
  • Witnessing and review of NDT records
  • Documentation review and approval of ITP/NDT Procedures/check sheet
  • Visual Inspection of completed welds and Dimension Checks
  • Witness NDT and Review of NDT Reports
  • Witness of other mechanical tests
  • Coating and painting inspection
  • Review Final Documentation

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services

Capeserve will supply relevant dicipline technical professionals to carryout the pre-shipment inspection services, which include material verification, procurement package/equipment verification, E&I equipment etc.,

Thirdparty Witness Testing Services

Capeserve will supply relevant technical professionals to carryout the thrid party witness testing services, which includes the following:

  • Load Test
  • Hydro Test
  • Witnessing of MPI
  • Pump Performance Test
  • Factory Acceptence Tests for all packages etc.,

Electrical & Instrumentation Inspection Services

Capserve will supply E&I inspectors/Engineers to carryout the following third party/second party inspection services:

  • Electrical Equipment & Instrument Installation inspections
  • Electrical Equipment Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning inspections
  • Instrumentation & control Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning inspections
  • Witnessing of all type of E&I testings
  • Witnessing of FAT at vendor premises
  • Wintessing of SAT at client site